The Sixth Day
Monday, January 05, 2009
  Open Letter to the Republican National Committee
January 5, 2009

Mike Duncan, RNC Chairman
310 First Street SE
Washington DC 20003

Dear Mr. Duncan,

Thank you for the impressive Republican National Committee card that you sent to me. I look forward to working with the RNC in the future if there is a clear return to at least Reagan-style conservatism.

I really want a more Ron Paul type party and not Democrat lite as we have seen with George Bush and would have had with John McCain. These are not bad men they just do not share the vision of limited, constitutional government that I cherish.

The Republican Party will never win by trying to be centrists. All that has done is to give us things like an unaffordable prescription drug program. What ever happened to Social Security reform? Oh, I know it was 9-11.

If this had been made a priority, at least maybe it would be part of the debate. Instead we are debating how President Bush could illegally use the TARP money to bailout the GM/UAW cabal while we count the Trillions of dollars in un-funded liabilities that will be an immoral burden on future generations.

If you seriously want to rebuild the grassroots of the Republican Party, you had better make the Grand Old Party stand for something instead of trying to stand in the middle of the road. Because, I’ve got news for you, if you keep standing there you are going to continue getting run over.

Like millions of other conservatives, I will be watching to see if the Republican Party returns to me or stays in the middle of the road. I will not join you there because I do not believe that is the place from which to fight the Obama-Reid-Pelosi socialists. Instead, let’s go back to the citadel of the Constitution as presented in the Federalist Papers and fight from there.

Gary Harbaugh
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