The Sixth Day
Wednesday, August 26, 2009
  A Few Random Thoughts
Israel, you grew fat and rebelled against God, your Creator;
you rejected the Mighty Rock, your only place of safety.

(The words of Moses as recorded in Deuteronomy 32:15)

We have trusted in material goods, the things we could touch and feel and buy with our credit cards; we have loved our government and looked to it to fondly when it promised to solve our problems, and even though we never looked to it for succor we neglected to warn those who did that it would become their master.


The cost of government is like a heavy wagon that must be pushed up a hill. If everyone helps to push, it will be easy and the burden will be light. Instead, half the people neither push, nor walk on their own, nor encourage those who do push, but rather expect to ride in the wagon. In fact a very small group of people do 95% the pushing. Does this sound like a fair system to you? Is this social justice or is it tyranny by another name?


The federal government is now spending $1.85 for every $1.00 it takes in taxes. You and I could do the same thing as long as our creditors permitted us to do so, but for most that would not be for long. How long will America’s creditors continue to permit Uncle Sam to do so?


The name of this problem is “Unsustainable.” Congress spends money as if nothing is wrong even though we all know everything is wrong and this is unsustainable. Ignorant people point to Social Security and say that government welfare programs work. Arrogant people point to Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and the Prescription Drug Program and claim that they work even though they shift costs to other people and are bottomless pits of unfunded liabilities. They are unsustainable.


“Do it for the children.” How many times have policies and programs been sold to us with that line? I have a suggestion. Do this for the children: Stop burdening them with debts they can never pay. Stop condemning them to a lifetime of 70% or higher tax rates. Stop pretending to be compassionate with money that isn’t yours to spend because it will first have to be earned by people who haven’t even been born yet. Stop lying and acknowledge that broad government entitlement programs can only be paid for by broad and heavy taxes that rob people of the fruits of their labors. Stop the immorality of robbing the future. Stop claiming that other people’s greed caused our problems and admit that it was your own pride and sloth and envy and lust for power and yes, your own gluttony, greed, and vainglory that brought us here. And if you do not want to turn the other way and cut spending, then at least get out of Washington and let someone else who will, take your place!
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