The Sixth Day
Thursday, April 28, 2011
  The Birth Certificate and Race
There is some discussion on the web about the issue of "race" on President Obama's birth certificate. It has been argued that "African" is not a race with regard to the designation of Barack Obama Sr. as being of the "African" race.

Perhaps this is a good time to think about the issue of race. The concept of race is, in my humble opinion, among the most evil inventions of Satan since the beginning of time. Race is used to divide people. It can up stir up animosity, envy, pride, and perhaps a few other deadly sins as well.

Will this country ever be truly unified if we continue to divide over questions of race? Is unity possible when charges of racism are regularly thrown about like baseballs in pre-game warmup?

Can the world find peace when race is added to the already challenging mix of cultural, religious, tribal, lingual, and other differences? Should the U.S. Census stop recording this artificial, man-made distinction on its forms? Would it help to stop drawing the lines of our U.S. Congressional districts, in part, based on the racial breakdown of the people who live in them?

I believe there are many more questions that could be asked about the issue of race and why we permit it to divide us. Or, perhaps we want these divisions. If we do, then we play into Satan's hand, or so it seems.

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