The Sixth Day
Tuesday, November 07, 2017
  Thoughts on Tax Reform
The people of a certain country were tasked by fate to the perpetual job of pushing a heavy wagon up a never-ending hill. For generations everyone pushed and the burden was easy. Then some people began to complain that the weakest among them should not have to push but rather should be entitled to ride on the wagon, and who could disagree? As time went on, those who spoke for the weak riders complained more and more so more riders, some not so weak, were added and ever fewer people were left to push. So as the wagon rolled on and took on more riders and became heavier and heavier, its wheels picked up tacks that made the wheels rougher so they rolled less easily and smoothly. In time, because of the many tacks, the wheels became odd-shaped so the wagon bumped and bounced forward more slowly. A new leader arose with the suggestion that they remove the tacks to smooth the wheels and make the burden easier for those who were still pushing. But those who spoke for the free-riders complained loudly and bitterly that the greatest benefit of fixing the wheels would go almost entirely to the strongest among them, and who could disagree? So the weak bounced along as the heavy wagon creaked and cracked along. The strongest continued the nearly futile push as the wagon ground forward moving ever more slowly. Will the tacks situation be repaired? Will all of the strongest be penalized because a few of them have found ways to become free-riders? Will fixing the tacks be more important than demonizing the strongest? The people of a certain country should think carefully about these questions.
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